meaningless babbles.

Okay guys, I know I haven't been updating my blog much these days but don't blame me. I'm so speechless and so bored that I don't know what else to blog so I just having some fun in twitter and tumblr, and meanwhile, I'm still browsing from one fashion blog to another.

Oh, and I've just had my Ballet Competition last Saturday and Ballet Audition last Thursday. I can't say much peeps other than
It's so damn important to me.

I think that's it for today. Such a meaningless babbles

P.S: These two are my object of desire these days! I'm so in love with these


Chevy Corvette! Super damn hot

super sickly sweet Shia & Megan

I found this super duper sickly sweet video in Tumblr. It's Shia & Megan, in France, in somekind of show doing Q&A things. The end of the video is so sweet! Oh Gosh~

Rest in Peace

Should I say more? I couldn't even believe myself when I opened my twitter & MSN the first thing in the morning. It's like all over the place - the news, I mean. It's a loss. We've lost our King of Pop. No one can sings, and dance like him. Yea, He's Great and it's a shame to died in such a young age (I considered 50 is young).
Rest In Peace Jackson.
Your songs will always be with us.

and to Farrah Fawcett too.. I don't really know her, but still REST IN PEACE Farrah.

hot boys. cute boys. ah. JUST BOYS!

I'm so in the mood of tumblring peeps Well, you can say that I spent almost the whole day just to tumblring my tumblr. That's why I'm in no mood in writing another post.

But, well, I feel guilty if I don't update my dearly beloved babbling place, and yet so here am I anyway, I'm kinda speechless about what I'm going to blog these days because life is pretty boring. So if anyone have any idea about what I should blog, your ideas are so welcome in the quipped area. Not the taggie board, okay, that's spamming my board.

And as for today's topic. How about the hottest boys alive? LOL. Whatever, I'm still going to blog about this. Okay, so here's the list of the hottest boys (and also the cutest boys and yea.. whatever it is, just BOYS that I like. Period) alive

Alexander Richard "Alex" Pettyfer
and he's just 19! HOT

Orlando Jonathan Blanchard Bloom
everybody knows him already.

Christopher Chace Crawford
aah..I'm melting over this gossip guys!

Gaspard Ulliel
he's cute in this photo. love him

Jared Tristan Padalecki
no actual reason why I love him. LOL

up till here, do you notice the common things they have?

Shia Saide LaBeouf
He's funny. I love his childish face - definitely not with the beard on!

Christopher Whitelaw "Chris" Pine
I simply love his eyes and smile. mwah.

Well, of course there's more, but I guess this will be the end of today's post peeps. Sorry. Go to my tumblr to see more. Ciao.

Ooooh... and one more thing, I found this funny video of Shia LaBeouf. The one in which he always says, "No No No No Noooo!" It's funny You should watch it!

indeed it is a torture!

trekkie guys *smooch them*

Say, I just love this movie!

Okay, but before we started. Let's make thing clear first. First I'm not an Trekkie fans whatsoever, before I watched this movie. I used to think that all those Sci-Fi movie are beyond imagination and stars-wars, planet and all is just... well, really boring. I don't like it.

But, thanks to J.J Abrams who changed that perception of mine. Star Trek, this generation Star Trek is really funny! The plot is simple, but I like it. To tell truth I like all the actors and actress playing in it. They're the reason I watched this movie - okay, not all the reason. At first I was just curious about Zachary Quinto and Anton Yelchin, and second because Flo told me because it's a good movie. So, yea, I watched it.

And I LIKE IT ! It's so funny! Especially Pavel Chekov and his accent! *wicktor-wicktor* LOL, I can't stop laughing at that part! Not to mention, Chris Pine & Quinto too.. ah, they're all too funny!

Anyway, I won't be posting too much as I'm not in the mood of writing and describing. So I just post some pic of the guys, smooch them peeps They're THE BEST!

ANTON YELCHIN IS SO SO CUTE! But again, they're all cute!

short updates.

Short short This post will be a short one, bloggie. I'm kinda out of time here and I'm pretty exhausted from today, so I'm pretty much ready to kiss my keyboard goodbye and hug my pillow tightly.

So anyway, let's get started. I watched Street Fighter yesterday with my mom and mom's friends at Setiabudi One. What can I say, fellas? It's just a so-so film, not so good and yet, not so bad either. But I simply love Chun-Li's WHITE BOOT! OMG! I want one Give me that and I won't be asking for another shoes, for yea... at least weeks maybe. LOL.

And, as for today, I went and watched Star Trek with my mom, again in Setiabudi One. LOL, oh well, that certainly makes Setiabudi One looks like our favorite cinema, right? Well, no. I don't really like watching movie there, but whatever. Still, I can get a nice seat and a bucket of popcorn. By the way, I really love PAVEL CHEKOV! He's so damn cute!

oh yea, almost forgot, the result for Red Carpet Blog Award is already out and when I take a look at it, I was..... choked. Okay, not choked, but maybe shocked I won at many category. I won at the top Overall too. Wow. Imagine it! This is my first time but I already won a top overall, wow! Thanks Kimverlyn. You can check her blog to see the result, it's in the June Archive.

That's it peeps. See ya when I see ya~

New Divide


and it's like the hottest song at the moment, well, at least for me. I've been head over heels over this song even before the official video for it is out. So, yea peeps, I'm one hell of Linkin Park's fans. I don't really know since when I've became a fans of LP, but I always look forward for their songs! Love it!

In every loss
in every lie
In every truth that you'd deny
And each regret
and each goodbye
was a mistake to great to hide

- Linkin Park, New Divide
Enjoy it peeps

happy birthday mom!

Happy Birthday MOM!

As you can see, yea, it's my mom's birthday today. Well, I'm certainly speechless about it, but I do can say a "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" to my mom. Love her. If it's not because of her, I wouldn't even be here today and writing another silly billy milly blog

So, that's my mom. Umm... yea, so, it's kinda hard to talk about her. I'm close to her, it's true and I've to admitted it since she's the only family I know that are "alive". Not that my family is dead or what, but the one who really close to me is only her. My mom. My father, well, what can I say about him? He is still alive and in perfect condition, but I don't know, for me, he's like a BODY WITHOUT SOUL. All he can do is just sleep, work, eat, watch TV, sleep again. Geez. Robot? Maybe.

I have no siblings and note that I'm not close with my cousins (from my dad side) and I don't know my cousins (from my mom side, crazy isn't it? All I know is that they live somewhere in States, they only came back here, once when one of my cousin get married in Bali - which I can't attend because of school). Grandparents? Nope. No hope either. From dad side, they're already in heaven since before I was born and from mom, only a grandmother and tragically, I've only met her once even though she's still alive

Yea, so my mom is my friend and my only family although she's such a pain in my ass most of the time, but she's alright She's the one who always buy me new clothes, she's the one who I can hang out with at the mall, she's the one with whom I can go to many places I can't go with my dad. Yea, she's cool.

Oh waw, I think it's enough for today. I babbled enough. Ciao.