Birthday Greetings to my teacher :)

Ms. Lita, Happy Belated Birthday!

Too bad I couldn't join because of my super f*ckin test! ah.. I regret my decision, I should've gone to my ballet class instead of sulking studying at home. GEEZ!
We had it planned for a week and in the end, I'm the one who couldn't join the fun.
I hate it when I missed the fun things!

500 Days of Summer

awww... this is super sickly sweet!

Well, I don't really know what's gotten into me lately. I'm such in a melancholic state that I was so into the old time romantic-comedy/romantic movie these days. I tried to watch Meg Ryan's (because Meg was one heck of a 'romantic' genre actress, she plays the role definitely well. I got her feeling on that one) lot of time like Sleepless in Seattle & You've Got Mail. That's my favourite. Aye, not to mention Julia Roberts! She's also amazing with Runaway Bride, Pretty Girl and bla-bla-bla. I always cried when I watch romantic movies. I know, I know, kinda pathetic but I can't denied it. I'm a hopeless romantic. Even I cried when I watch HERCULES! Yes, DISNEY'S CARTOON HERCULES! I cried. Can't you imagine? So, if anyone anybody have a damn good recommendation of good romantic movie, whether it is brand new or old time one, just QUIPPED me. Okay guys?

Anyway, talking about romantic, I'm so obsessed with 500 Days of Summer since the first time I saw the poster on tumblr and the trailer on youtube. It was MARVELOUS! It was the kinda thing I want to happened in my life. The story line is pretty much simple, it's about a boy - a hopeless romantic - who fall in love with a girl, who pretty much didn't believe in what they so called as true love.

  • Tom: “We don’t have to label what we’re doing. I just… I need some consistency. I need to know you won’t wake up tomorrow and feel a different way.”
  • Summer: “I can’t promise you that. Nobody can. Anyone who does is a liar.”
  • Tom: Did you ever even have a boyfriend?
  • Summer: Of course
  • Tom: What Happened? Why didn't they work out?
  • Summer: What always happens? Life
  • Summer: We've been like Sid and Nancy for months now.
  • Tom: Summer, Sid stabbed Nancy, seven times with a kitchen knife, I mean we have some disagreements but I hardly think I'm Sid Vicious.
  • Summer: No I'm Sid
  • Tom: Oh, so I'm Nancy...
  • [Pancakes arrive]
  • Summer: Let's just eat and we'll talk about it later. Mmm, that is good, I'm really glad we did this. I love these pancakes... what?
  • [Tom gets up and walks away from the table]
  • Summer: Tom, don't go! You're still my best friend!
  • Rachel: Better that you find this out now before you come home and find her in bed with Lars from Norway.
  • Tom: Who's Lars from Norway?
  • Rachel: He's some guy she met at the gym with Brad Pitt's face and Jesus' abs.

My Clothesbox

Okay, it'll be another lack of update from me but well okay, my reason would be that I'm currently making a new blog - a fashion blog to be exact. The one that I had in mind since a long time ago but couldn't establish it until YESTERDAY. Yes, yesterday, I was so thrilled that I finally made it.

The main problem for me would be that I don't have the inspiration for the name of the blog, that's what make the making of my new fashion blog was delayed. But not anymore lads, I finally got the name and the blog.


So now ladies, gentlemen, please give a warm welcome to

17 August : Independence Day


Pronunciation: \ˌin-də-ˈpen-dən(t)s\
Function: noun

1. The state or quality of being independent.
2. Archaic Sufficient income for comfortable self-support; a competence.

"Negeri kita kaya, kaya, kaya-raya, Saudara-saudara. Berjiwa besarlah,
berimagination. Gali ! Bekerja! Gali! Bekerja! Kita adalah satu tanah
air yang paling cantik di dunia".
- Kutipan Pidato Bung Karno di Semarang, 29 Juli 1956

"Kemerdekaan hanyalah diperdapat dan dimiliki oleh bangsa yang jiwanya
berkobar-kobar dengan tekad 'Merdeka, merdeka atau mati!"
- Pidato Soekarno di BPUPKI, 1 Juni 1945

"Negara Republik Indonesia ini bukan milik sesuatu golongan, bukan
milik sesuatu agama, bukan milik sesuatu suku, bukan milik sesuatu
golongan adat-istiadat, tetapi milik kita semua dari Sabang sampai
- Pidato Soekarno di Surabaya, 24 September 1955


still not over you.

There are times when I feel like I have enough of you,
and yet, later on, I found the most disturbing fact I ever know,
that I'm still not over you.
I thought I have, but eventually, no.
Not yet.
and I'm sick of it.
I tried, and thought that I already fallen for the other,
but still... I found myself looking for a shade of you in my life.

All of these, it's just like a cycle,
and a prison that I can't never get out of.
I'm trapped.
Every time I thought I been through it all,
every time I thought I'd already stepped out of it.
You came, and you ruined it.
I'm back & trapped.

I just don't get the fact
of why you can became such an addiction.
There are something in your eyes,
that capture my soul.

Yes, I know.
Because there are a reason.
There MUST be a perfect reason,
of why I can't never let go.
The problem is,
I don't know what the reason is.

And you taught me what this feels like.
And then how it feels to lose it.
And you showed me who I wanted.
And then who I wasn't.
And you ticked every box.
And then drew a line.
And you weren't mine to begin with.
And then not to end with.
And you looked like everything I wanted.
And then became something I hated.
And you get thought of every day.
And then not in a good way.
And you let me leave.
And you almost killed me.
But I didn't die.
Only dying.

A wedding to attend.

So, it's been a week, huh? Wow. Even I barely noticed how inactive I have been lately with blogging. If you ask me where I'd been? Well, probably I will just throw out the same answer like I always did "I'm busy". Okay, correction, maybe not that busy but at least I got activities to be done out there and hell, I've been missing school lately and I've got a lot to catch up. Damn~ not an easy thing to do.

Anyway, yesterday (8.8.09) I went to a wedding and I know, maybe some of you will think "what's so special about going to a wedding party? We're all have been to a party before." Okay, sooner or later I also will have to admit that this wedding party is anything but extraordinary - it's so usual, the same like any other wedding party you attend. But, the special thing was IT'S A GODDAMN CELEBRITY WEDDING and hell YES! I attended a celeb's wedding.

Exaggerating? Pardon me, guys. Okay, why can I attend this wedding is because of my mom's connection. She's friend with the bride, and that's why we get the invitation. In case you're wondering who is it, well, it's nothing so special (I'm not really a big fans of Indonesian's celeb). It's Badai's, Kerispatih's drummer. My mom is acquaintance with Echi, her girl. Oh, and in case you don't know, Kerispatih is a band in Indonesia.

Echi, Badai & Me
@ Dhanapala Auditorium, Senen.

Honestly? As I said before, the wedding was an ordinary one. But, hey, at least that's one hell of an experience, right?

And oh, I GOT MY HAIR CUT! GEEZ! My hair is so short that I almost cry! Goodbye long hair. *sob*

updated. busy bee.

Sorry for the lack of updates lately. I know I haven't been posting much lately but you see, it's been a busy weeks for me. No more free time for me since I became a senior in the damn 15-of-July! Too much to handle, from ballet to school. Now, I even entered an after school extra lessons in BTA 8 at SUNDAY from 06.45 AM till 12.00 PM. So, imagined I actually never got much free time and freedom itself. What's more? Tests are starting to flood my daily planner and it's not really a nice sight to see.
25th July, Beauty & The Beast show @ TIM
This is Janice, Me & Nana after show.

So, anyway I'm going to tell ya about what happened lately briefly.

At 26th of July, I have had my IBC Final. Too bad I've lost, again. It's not a nice thing to remember. But, to tell the truth, although I've been beaten up whole, the past weeks were the happiest week in this year for me, ever. To be at the studio, almost everyday is... wow. I just can't explained it. I'm tired, but I'm so damn happy! It's just a feeling I can never get when I was in school.

The big day itself is also one heck of a day. I woke up early in the morning, trying to get everything done and all and went to TIM early. So pratically, I was there since morning. It was a good thing really. I won't complain about that. And... when it came to the time when I have to performed, well, I have to admitted that I was nervous. Heck yeah, of course I am. To have the whole stage for yourself and eyes looking for you. The atmosphere is so different. Suddenly, you'll feel the stage is larger than it was - or maybe smaller than it was. Trust me on this. I experienced the both things. This made me a lil' bit nervous in my first dance, but I've done my best in the second dance. But, still, I didn't win.

Well, I can't turn back the time. If only I could, I would gladly do it and returned to that moment and dance my heart out again. Anyway, I didn't have much photo on that day. Gosh! I really hope the documentation section could gave away the photos they took from the side of the stage. I'm so dying to see it!

And..!! At the 1st of August, I eventually get to meet my long-lost bestfriend! Maria 'Nina' Marcellina. OMG. The last time I saw her was actually when I was in the 4th Grade, and imagined now I'm in the 12th Grade. 8 years already. It's such a long time. Nina is taller now. Almost at the same height with me and her voice was also changed. Her voice isn't like any other girl I know, but in a good way. That means she's unique. Anyway, I get to meet her oldest brother and also her parents. We met at Senayan City and have a lil' lunch with my mom, before my mom left us both and we decided to watched PUBLIC ENEMIES (will talk about that later), we also ate Sour Sally while walking endlessly and chatting about a lot of things. I get to learn more about her that way. Later, that night, we had a dinner at Long Beach Resto with Nina's parent and also we talk about a lot of things. Mostly about future plan.
Nina & Me @ NanXiang, Sency

You know, Nina was never settled in one place for a long time. From child, she was used of moving out here and there, it's the same when she lived in Singapore and America (now). She's such an independent person, especially in America. She used to do everything in her own. But one thing she can't do is cooking. LOL. She said she used to do the laundry while her brother do the cooking. She also said that indomie in States are expensive, that's why she'll bring a lot from here later when she come back to SF. There's a lot of other things that we chatted of course, but all in all, I really glad I got to see her again. She'll be going back to America in 14th of August, and I miss her already. She's the first real best friend I ever got. Hope we'll always stay the same.

Oh yes! Speaking of going back, Aina will be flying to China in August 23rd. OMG. Why everybody is leaving me behind? Aina is my 'sister', my partner-in-crime and my best friend. I'm going to miss her. In fact, I already am.