Hello people. I'm back from an exhausting day of mine. Why is it exhausting?
#1. because I'm still sick (I still have the damn-annoying-cold and that's somehow making me much more weaker physical state, which is not quite good)

#2. because I went to a lot of place today and that's surely exhausting. I mean, who wouldn't be? I went straight from the morning till night. (07.00 AM - 07.30 PM)
Brief Story:
Actually, today is a 1-day-holiday for grade 11th, but eventually, I still have some history assignment to do which is we have to go to Lubang Buaya (not an exciting place to learn history - 'cos all you learn was how PKI betrayed Indonesia and all that stuff. Sorry guys, things like histories aren't my stuff).

So, I went there with my group and take some picture of this and that and after that, we went straight to Pacific Place to grabbed some lunch at Pancious, and at the same time we also celebrating Brenda's birthday.

Then, we fly again (from Centre of Jakarta to North of Jakarta) to Emporium Pluit Mall and play many games at Timezone. I didn't stay long with my friends there, I have another place to go, which is Namarina. Surely, I can't missed another ballet class so I decided to go to my ballet course instead of having fun & buying Sour Sally with my friends. At last, I reached home at 07.30 PM and bad news is my body isn't feeling well right now.

okay, WTH (where the hell) is Nicolas & Pacul?
They should be in this photo too!

And anyway, I've got something in my mind lately and I have to shared it before my brain explode with curiosity. Long story short, there's a guy in my class, assumed his name is X. He's no where near what I called as 'handsome', well, he's pretty ordinary; at least for my type. But he did have something extraordinary, which is extraordinary QUIET! He never talked to anyone at class, maybe only once a lil' while, but it is so rare and whenever the class clowns joke around and doing silly thing. He will just do NOTHING! I mean, seriously. He did smile, but only a little. It was just like it was his nature to be like that, but I heard that outside the class, especially in the gamers community, he was nowhere to be like that.

He never got much attention, but strangely, lately his 'too cool' figure in the class drives my curiosity. Okay, it wasn't like I have some feeling for him or what. I was just curious about him. He can't be called as a nerd, as he wasn't and he certainly doesn't dress like a nerd and he like to sleep in the class (certainly not a nerdish behaviour).

Well, gomen ne ore de but I was so damn-curious about quiet man; it was like they're keeping a secret or something like that. LOL. Crazy-talk.

My brand new polkie skin

Okaaa~y people, scribblebabble is finally back from its long hibernation period and so do I. Well, I'm a bit different though, like there is enough time for me to hibernate anyway. I've been busy and that's why I put scribblebabble on hold for a brief moment.

And while putting scribblebabble on hold, I was thinking about changing the skin - and I did change the skin. Many people commented about how cute and nice my last skin was (well, the very pinky and girly one - thank you all for commenting!) but why did I change it?

#1. Okay, I might be comfortable around cute and unique things, but I'm not that comfortable around the color of "PINK".
#2. Somehow, it really doesn't suit my rebellious image.

And so, the conclusion? I've changed it. I searched for another good basecode and I editted every lil' piece of it then, TA-DAA... here comes my #3 new skin! Took me days before getting the best final result. I searched the best icons that suits my skin for days!

As you see, there was a lot of icons of girls wearing big-nerdy-glasses. *giggles* well, it's been my obsession for the last few days, and I really like it - the big glasses I mean. It's so unique! The other things are koreans, I've put a lot of korean pictures here, esp. K-Fash. I'm also obsess with these K-Fash & K-Pop thingy for the moment. I think they all look so cute. Oh! Don't forget about Zooey Deschanel, I put her pic too in my profile. Another why? Well, I think she's got quite a look in her face that makes me like her, she got her own style - and expression!

To sum up, this skin have the essence of cute vintage - which I think picture my personality. I'm pretty satisfied with my works! Yippie

how about commenting on my new skin?

My W760i is back, she's back!! Oh baby, I miss you so much!

A toast for "Mit Erfolg"?

Before I started with anything else, I want to start my post with: I've got "MIT ERFOLG" in my Deutsch Certificate. Argh!! Not actually a good result this time, because usually I get "MIT GUTEM ERFOLG" which means I usually get an "A", but now I got a "B"!

Man~ How can this be? I take a peek at my total, average marks and guess what? It's only 7.1! I don't know whether I should be thankful or not. Maybe no, because I'm pretty sure I can score much higher than 7.1 if I don't failed at my last 'lesen verstehen' test! Argh!

But, whatever. So, besides getting my certificate and blah-blah-blah at last Saturday (15 March), I went with Ica, Opi, Yunita and Fr. Marta and hung out for a while at The Harvest & Corks&crew, Plaza Indonesia.

Well, that day, I was supposed to hang out with my dummies friends but eventually I can't because there's no transportation and so, I went with them instead. Kinda celebrating our last day as B1.2 student. LOL. It's kinda funny, you know, hangin out with them - because of our ages; from a married woman, 2 college student, a single woman, and the youngest - me - a high school student! But, it's so much fun and we get by easily, from our talks and all, like there's no difference between the four of us.

At Corks&Crew, we hung out for about 2 hours. And it was there that I taste my FIRST WINE - Red wine, George Doeuff. Hahaha, I'm not officially and legally an adult yet (still have two months before 17th birthday) but I think it's alright. After all, wine is wine, right? It's not that alcoholic and I only try a sip or two. I can't really describe the taste, but it's fine; I can say that, right? Well, at first the four of us was going to ordered a bottle of wine. But Opie couldn't drink because she's driving and I'm still underage. So, instead of having a bottle of wine, we end up ordered another drinks. I ended up order a strawberry peaches mocktails + Nachos.

And you know what? That night, I felt like I was carrying stones in my left side of my head. It's so heavy. Hahaha. Not something serious, I took a 30 minutes-sleep and when I woke up *bloosh* it all gone in an instant.

Well, well, somehow, I still remember the taste of the wine in my tongue and I WANT moree.. LOL


Hey there bloggers. It's been a long week, huh? And even I haven't got the chance to post whatever going on with my life recently. I've been so busy with tests and all, and really hate to say it: I studied hard, real hard till I didn't get enough sleep every night, but still, I couldn't do the test. Man~ That really are... annoying, and frustrating, you might say.

Well, anyway, there's nothing special lately. So other than my ranting about my life, my school, I think there's nothing more. I've just finished my breakfast a while ago, and after this I have to take a bath and go to my DeutschKurz. So, let's get it fast, shall we?

Randomly what happening in my week:
  1. Nothing beside tests, tests, tests and tests! Arrgh~
  2. There's an event going on in my school last Thursday (12 March). It's a campaign held by Metro TV and Yayasan Cinta Anak Bangsa against the DRUGS - and a debut performance by LOST PLANE! My school's band.. kyaa~
  3. And lately, I've been so into with NEWS. OMG! They're the best!
Anyway, I think I better go and take a bath now. My dad is yelling now and then.
So, Ciao~

PS: Wish me luck, today is my 'report card' from Goethe-Institut will be given out.

Pasir Mukti... torture under the sun

Geez. Again. Another day have passed and here I am, almost passing out because I'm so so tired from today's school activities.

Well, today the high school section was having a study tour. Grade 10 went to Waduk Jatiluhur, and me, us, grade 11, went straight to Pasir Mukti. I don't know where it is exactly but what I do know is, the journey there only take around 1 and half hour (using the highway & in the morning - clearly no traffic jam).

It's so tiring and it's so damn-HOT there! So, the programs were set up to be like these:
  1. We were brought to the fields, a real rice fields and learned how to make biopore. We even see a real cow there.
  2. Then, after an hour or so at the field, we moved up to hidroponic section and the tour guide each and everything but I didn't listen. The heat is killing me.
  3. Oh, and we're also shown how to 'mencangkok'. I don't know what it is called in English.
  4. And after we're going for fishing - it's lunch time.
  5. We had free hours for like 1 & half hour again. I played Uno with my friends.
  6. After that, it's time for our chosen program; our options are planting in the rice fields, painting 'caping' and planting hibiscus. But eventually, my friends and I decided that we'll pass and went for a walk around the garden. We had our kodak moment and all, and we're singing and laughing as we walk through the garden. (Even if it is REALLY hot! It's 13.00. Just imagine how hot it is!)
  7. We went back to our buses at 15.30, but we left Pasir Mukti 16.00 and stopped at Tajur for about an hour or so. At 17.15, we went home.
Well, my bus arrived safe and sound at school at 18.30. But, I didn't went straight to my home. My friends & I decided to have a dinner at the nearby Pizza Hut and after bla-bla-bla... I reached home at 21.00.

So, it does make sense if I'm so tired right now. and DAMN!!
I have DEUTSCH-TEST tommorow!

Some photos:
(Courtesy to Ruben & Leonita for some of these photos)

sudden feeling

I'm tired. Really tired. I just finished eating my dinner - which I'm afraid will make me gain another weight - and I ate another junk - which make me more afraid that my diet program will be ruin just by one night. Geez.
Well, what can I say? I just got home from my ballet & jazz course at 8.30 PM and I'm tired + I'm hungry. So, at least I've got to take a bite. But, I don't know why, I can't control my mind and ate Indomie (which I shouldn't do cos' I already ate one in the afternoon) with some fried tofu, fried chicken and vegetable. Man~ I guess the calories in it is so much more than if I ate rice.

*oh.regret.regret.regret.damn regret.*

And you know? These days, I feel like I'm having the worst time in my life ever. If I had to picture my life with a wheel, a rolling wheel, I would say that my life is stuck in the bottom of the wheel and there's something that holds it down there so that it can't move even just an inch. Well, that's exactly what I felt these days. My marks are going down, my friends are acting weird, and I can't even memorized my ballet syllabus (which is usually the easiest thing for me to do). I felt alone in this world and I don't know how long I can put up with the mask I'm putting on right now? In this time, I felt like all the precious thing in my life was taken away from me - even the one thing, the only one I can be proud of; ballet.

I want to believe that it's all just my feelings and it'll pass as the day goes by. But, at the same time, it's so hard for me to do. I need someone, at least someone to smile and tell me that it'll be fine. But, I found none.

I'd lived through a lot that should have finished me in the last few days, but it didn't make me feel strong. Instead,
I felt horribly fragile
, like one word could shatter me - Isabella Swan, New Moon.

new blogskins people, YAY!

Well, since it's the beginning of a new month - which I can't believe it 'cos it feels like it was just yesterday that we stepped into a new year, and suddenly *boom* it is March already - I was thinking that a little change might boost up my mood in blogging. After doing a little research on some good basecode and images, I decided to make my own blogskin and this is it. I come up with this new skin. My brand-new #2 skin. My #1 skin was kinda mess. So I was pretty happy with the outcome of my new skin. Satisfied you might say - though pink wasn't really my style & my favourite. But hey, at least, it's cute. Besides, the last skin that I used didn't suite my style in blogging though, I like the mixture of the colour and the images.

Other than that, I really miss the way I used to blog, so I really need a skin that suits my writing style. Just in case you wanna know what's my writing style, you can visit my previous blog dear: ♥ my summer;

Okay then, I'll be back later when I have time. Ciao.